Good situation to finance your projects with the loan

100,000 new workers thanks to the return of employment due to the fall in unemployment in France. It is a new category of consumers that is born. The economic situation is favorable to carry out projects related to the daily life by contracting a credit to the consumption.

The types of credit available

The types of credit available

Consumer credit ranges from 500 euros to 75,000 euros depending on your project.

The personal loan is the most prominent. Your lender gives you the money you need, without proof of use, by bank transfer. You can use it freely for your desires: holidays, purchase, works, studies.

The assigned loan is secure. It is related to your project. Like buying a car or repairing a roof. If the project does not succeed, the loan will be canceled.

Leasing with the LOA option is an opportunity. You rent a car of your choice for a fixed period. The contract includes the purchase option at the price of its residual value.

The revolving credit is practical. Called also revolving credit, this loan is a reserve of money, at rather high rate however, given by a lender, bank or department store, for its daily purchases. He goes with a credit card.

Good credit, better rate

The interest rates offered on the loan market vary between 1.50% and 10%. You must choose for your loan, always the lowest rates.

You can do this by comparing rates according to the Annual APEG Total Effective Rate which includes all fees and the credit rate called nominal rate. Rates vary depending on the type of loan, project, term, amount borrowed and fees and margins taken by banks.

Required credit simulation

Required credit simulation

You must absolutely proceed to the credit simulation to have a good loan that is to say the measure of your financial situation including the actual repayment capacity. The shorter the duration, the larger the amount awarded, the lower the rate.

The borrower insurance is optional in the consumer credit.

Never settle for a credit offer

Thanks to the simulator, you will have several credit offers. Several simulations are needed to get the best deals. You must never be satisfied with just one offer. Evaluate the offers and compare them with the help of a broker for an important project.